A change in ambition

by nomeatbarefeet

The last two years I have run the 25k race at The Jay Peak Trail Running Festival (JPTRF) over Labor Day Weekend. (The 2012 and 2013 race reports.) After the changes to last year’s course, which placed a good section of climbing and descending on the Long Trail section atop Jay Peak, I was content to say that I really enjoy the challenge and beauty of this race.

Running in general has come in spurts this year. While I ran both the Jenkins Mountain Scramble and the Great Adirondack Trail Run I did not get any where near the level of “training” in for either——I got through both. Life has sat firmly down upon me and, for better or worse, running has been squished out to one side. But I’m ok with that. Unlike a few years ago I understand that I am still figuring out priorities, and preparing for teaching or nursing an injury or spending a day with Katie offer experiences and an immediacy that often trump lacing up my shoes.

That said, I still want to go back to Jay Peak……but not to run the 25k. This year I plan on racing at least 1 of the three 5ks that will be run. I’d like to say that I will run all three, but I’m still unsure. I haven’t run in two weeks thanks to my little calf issue, so settling on 3 5ks in 3 hours up and down Jay Peak might not be the wisest.

I have the ambition to run. I have the desire to run. I just might not have the level of endurance required to do all three. The decision will come in the next few weeks, but until then I will keep doing what I always do and take things one step at a time.

PS I noticed that the Volunteer section of the JPTRF website used one of my pictures! Extremely minor exposure! Hurray!