It’s a long way to the top…

by nomeatbarefeet

…but there is always another top.

With the start of another semester the stress levels creep up (sometimes not so slowly) and the free time seems to vanish. Blog posting has been neglected, which has resulted in two or three weeks between posts…and…our failure to stick to our goal of writing Vegan MOFO posts for the whole of September.

Having a career in higher education is a truly frustrating enterprise. There is always tweaking to do; things can always change, requiring you to constantly adapt; certainty is rarely a luxury—as is feeling “settled.” (Then there is the whole issue with my employer, Burlington College, being in severe financial distress and the President resigning.)

I am glad and thankful to be utilizing my degree, but adjuncting is not a sustainable livelihood. You just cannot make enough money to live on. Most people who are stuck as an adjunct require multiple streams of income, which is why I’m still working at Starbucks. Plus, there are my benefits, which I don’t get from teaching. Because if these reasons I have to continually search for more permanent positions, and that can mean applying to positions WHENEVER ones pop-up and ANYWHERE they are offered.

That is where things are right now. Both Katie and I have busy semesters, though if you talk to Katie she will say that she is very happy to not be in a classroom and have less work (if any) to bring home at night——she is the Richford’s Literacy Coach, which is an awesome position because she can do what loves (and what she is trained) to do.

We will try to keep up with the posts. Promise. This venue serves as a cathartic outlet, but also as a means to communicate with so many fun, diverse, and interesting people around the country and the world. Keep leaving us comments. Keep reading when we post. We appreciate it. We love hearing about any of those of you who read our blog.