An Award? Liebster Award & Some Cool Blogs

by nomeatbarefeet

I am a little late in writing this, but here goes. Despite our lack of blogging we were kindly bestowed with the Liebster Award from Shannon at Another Hungry Vegan. (Or perhaps our lack of blogging has simply create a mystique and a desire to see what we will write about next…probably not.)

The idea is that you answer the questions given to you, come up with 10 questions of your own, and then nominate a bunch of blogs that you love. Easy peasy.


Shannon’s questions for us:

1. What is your favorite vegan comfort food?

If we are talking from scratch then easily it would be Seitan Stroganoff. If we are in a pinch and don’t want to cook then it would probably be Leahey’s box Mac & Cheese.

2. Is there anything you’ve been really wanting to make/try a vegan version of?

We are still looking for the perfect homemade mac & cheese recipe. So far nothing has been just right. The secret ingredient is to use sauerkraut for that cheesy-“tang”, but we just can’t seem to work a recipe that is exactly what we want. (We love mac & cheese if you haven’t noticed 😉 ). Also, does anyone make a vegan madeleine cookie?!

3. Favorite local restaurant?

This is tough. For a nice, sit-down meal hands down its Revolution Kitchen. Since they opened their doors we try to get there as often as we can. Their meals are amazing and their food (and libations) aims to be as locally sourced as possible.

Second would surely be Pingala, a new addition to the Burlington area this place is great for a sandwich, fresh desserts, or a quick cup of coffee.

4. Restaurant you’ve been wanting to go to for a long time?

We have always wanted to do to Candle 79 in NYC but Isa Chandra Moskowitz has opened her own restaurant, Modern Love, in Omaha which would be pretty awesome to visit.

5. Favorite place to travel/visit?

Both Katie and I are from Central NY (her Geneva, me Syracuse) and that area will always have a special place in our hearts. There is something special, moving, “home” about driving the highways, byways, back roads, and city streets of the Central NY area. But right now we live super close to Montreal, with its abundance of great vegan food and shops, so we need to make an effort to get up there more.

6. Favorite brand of vegan ice cream?

Definitely Trader Joe’s Soy Vanilla with add-ins.

Second is probably the Rice Dream Mint Cookie Pies.

7. Coffee or tea?

Usually coffee. I’m a barista so…

8. Are you an early bird or a night owl?

At this point in our lives, neither of us is an early bird or a night owl. However, I am probably more of an early bird since I seem to be able to get more stuff done when I get up at the asscrack of dawn. Katie has to get up early, so there’s no fun in that.

9. Favorite season?

At Shelburne Farms last year.

At Shelburne Farms last year.

Most certainly Fall. The smells; the colors; the bite in the air; the apple picking…

10. What is your “signature” recipe, that people are always asking you to make?

This one is tough. We don’t usually cook for other people, but in the past we have been known for our risottos: lemon and asparagus, and mushroom are probably are favorites.


Ok, so now that we have answered our questions we get to nominate a few blogs that we love. The Liebster Award is about blogs that you love, that inspire you, that connect you——So here are some of our favorites:

Now, here are your questions!

  1. Favorite junk food?
  2. Favorite season?
  3. Place you have always wanted to visit?
  4. If you had to listen to only one album what would it be?
  5. Any pets?
  6. Best local place to eat?
  7. Favorite beer (or whatever)?
  8. One thing you wish was vegan (or vegetarian)?
  9. Vegetable that you can’t live without?
  10. What is your go-to, fail-safe meal?