Vegan Eating for Two

by nomeatbarefeet

At 21 (almost 22) weeks, Baby Auyer, or “Nut” (so named by my best friend Sara), is the size of an artichoke.  Yes world… we are having a baby.  I am very adamant about not posting baby news on Facebook, but the blog is different.  Because it serves a “journaling” purpose for me, I’ve decided that I will post about my pregnancy here (mostly for myself, but for anyone else in reader land as well).  If you got here via my Facebook don’t expect much on there about Nut, except links to my blog.

One thing that I wanted to journal about is my eating.  I have found valuable resources like The Vegan Pregnancy Survival Guide and Ashley’s Green Life, and wanted to add, even if in some small way, to the info out there about vegan pregnancy hoping someone finds it useful.

First of all, and I will make this point brief,  I feel awesome.  My blood work in the 1st trimester was outstanding!  I am gaining the recommended amount of weight, have an active baby, have Nut’s wonderful, helpful OB/GYN aunt (and my sister <3), have a very supportive OB/GYN & Midwifery practice, and have maintained my awesome pregnancy related blood “levels” with a vegan diet.  To quickly address protein in pregnancy, it is recommended that I get about 70g a day, therefore you will see me reference protein in spots where we have consciously boosted the count in my diet. So, without further ado… here is what I eat 🙂

Mornings: I take DEVA vegan prenatal multi-vitamins and Ovega-3 DHA & EPA every day.  I have avoided coffee, but have recently been having swiss water processed decaf, usually on the weekends.  Other than that I have water or herbal tea.  On a typical work day, I have two breakfasts.  I eat toast (quinoa bread from Trader Joe’s… 7 g protein) to get food in my stomach, and then at work I have oatmeal or protein packed soy yogurt with fruit or granola.  On weekends Jonnie makes me pancakes, french toast, (Nut has given me a sweet tooth) tofu scramble, or protein packed pudla.

Snacks: I need to eat every 2ish hours.  My go-to snack has been fruit.  Fruit has been my most craved food (and some other not so healthy sweets).  I take 2-3 pieces of fruit to work a day.  Other snacks have included raw veggies, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, almonds and crackers.  On days where I feel my lunch & dinner have lower protein counts I might have a Clif Bar, Primal Jerky, or a Plant Fusion smoothie (21 g of protein, about 30 g when I add peanut butter).

Lunch & Dinner: Lunch is usually leftover dinner, so I will just talk about the large meals we make each week.  When I became pregnant, we made another effort to plan meals with a larger protein source in them then prior.  On the more nutritious side, we have tofu, tempeh, seitan, quinoa, lentils, or beans and legumes in every dish.  We on occasion have alt-meats in dishes such as (the much requested by me) faux sausage and broccoli “quiche” recipe we’ve adapted from the Lotus and Artichoke cookbook.  Some typical go-to dinners include:  baked tofu in Thai or Indian curry, tofu stir-fry, lentil and tempeh sloppy joes, setian stews or burritos, tempeh bowls (if you’re vegan you know the “bowl”), pasta with chickpeas, lentil loaf, quinoa chili, and tempeh chili.  And the occasional fauxs… breaded faux chix patties, beyond meat in tacos and burritos, white faux chix chili, litelife vegan sausage in several dishes, and in the first trimester, I went through a time where all I wanted was sandwiches with smoked tofurkey slices.

Dessert: Ok, Nut has totally made me crave sweets.  I am usually a savory person.  Some things I have wanted are large glasses of chocolate soy or almond milk, carrot cake made with our CSA carrots, and delicious vegan baked goods from Healthy Living in Burlington or Pingala in Winooski.

Up coming posts are slated to include: Working out while pregnant, Nut’s nook (when it is finished), and more perhaps.

I would love to answer any curious questions about what I eat or share any of our recipes with anyone who wants them.  To quote Sayward Rebhal, author of The Vegan Pregnancy Survival Guide

“Your vegan pregnancy will be awesome and don’t let anyone tell you differently.”

Nut's crossed ankle footsies

Nut’s crossed ankle footsies