Our 2014 Adopted Turkeys!

by nomeatbarefeet

Well, it is again that time of year when we adopt some of the turkeys from Farm Sanctuary. This year we opted for Cecelia and Gable. We aren’t sure if Gable is male or female, but both of these little ones are damn cute. When we visited the NY Farm Sanctuary a few years ago we really enjoyed hanging out with the turkeys, especially Apollo. (Or at least he loved hanging out with Katie……strutting around, fluffing his feathers, showing of. I was a bit jealous.) After our visit we found out that Farm Sanctuary does this Adopt-a-turkey program and we have been sponsoring turkeys for the last three years.

If you haven’t heard of the Farm Sanctuary Adopt-a-turkey program you can find out more after the link. These creatures are truly amazing (certainly no more or less than any other sentient being) but if there was any doubt you can also check out the “Turkey Facts” page. For instance, did you know that a turkey’s head and neck will change color depending on its mood?

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and that you will remember that this holiday is about connecting and sharing with friends and family, about giving thanks for all that you have, and for, if possible, giving back to those less fortunate.

With love,

J&K(& Nut & Arlo)