Eating the Best. Vegan. French. Toast.

by nomeatbarefeet

This weekend turned into a “babes weekend”, i.e., I was able to have the entire weekend off so Katie and I could “nest”, cook, watch movies, and eat some damn delicious food. To that end, I told Katie I’d whip up some french toast on Sunday (Saturday was Eggtrick Muffins ala Strong Hearts Cafe [you can find the recipe over at The Vegan Zombie]). I have found that hands down, the best french toast recipe out there is Justin Moore’s recipe in The Lotus and The Artichoke. I’ve made this before, but this batch was particularly mouth melting, leading to Katie’s exclamation “This is better than Magnolia.” Seriously? “Seriously.” The combination of chickpea flour, corn starch, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt and alt-milk comes together to form this amazing concoction of fried deliciousness. (I added the powdered sugar for an additional sugar-coma-effect.)

We are also using this opportunity to test out our new camera. With money from Christmas we upgraded to a Rebel T2i which makes for some obviously better quality images. With so many options, a faster processor, and better versatility this camera should make for an expansion of the possibilities for the blog.IMG_9897

We hope you enjoy the french toast pics. I have this dream of being that dad that can whip up some delicious breakfast for his family—I want to be able to wake up in the morning, wander to the kitchen (Nut in hand), magic some coffee, and then chef-together an amazing breakfast for Nut and Katie (ok, so in this dream Nut is older and not finicky and will eat what is made…hopefully this dream pans out). So the breakfast-skills that I have been developing these past years will soon be put to the test with the addition of our little Nut, and I can’t wait.

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