LDP Month 1 — January

by nomeatbarefeet

Just a few days late on this, but we wanted to do a short write-up to mark the end of the first month of the 2015 LDP. It found us having not blown our LDP budget (yeah) but having spent some money on a number of purchases that had been in the works (eh). So, money ways spent but on things that needed replacing. Some of these included a new coffee maker (a Chemex*) and an IKEA trip for a new table, chairs and bench (where we used Christmas money). We had coffee out on a couple occasions and we ate out a few times, but that was in the process of driving home for the baby shower. (Hopefully pictures to come.) To be honest this wasn’t a difficult month. It is, of course, the last month of the LDP (and life for that matter) being just the two of us. Nut is on the way next month (at the earliest) and then the LDP challenge will really get going.

Eat Consciously // Live Deliberately


*I started sketching this last week after we had decided to get rid of our old one. I then went ahead and purchased the Chemex this past Saturday. Well, don’t you know our electric coffee maker died on Monday morning. Taps were played.