Baby Nut Shower

by nomeatbarefeet


Where there is love there is life. –Mahatma Gandhi

On MLK Day weekend Katie and I (along with our trusted mutt Arlo) packed up the car and headed back to Central NY, to Katie’s mom’s house in Middlesex. It was to be a really fun and special day celebrating the coming of our little Nut.

All the food offerings were vegan, including the huge vat of Hot Chocolate that I made. The delicious soups included: Quinoa Chili, Farmhouse Vegetable Barley, and Hearty Corn Chowder.

I know that traditionally men are not supposed to be at a baby shower—”women only”—but I really had fun being a part of the entire thing. People were so generous and giving, providing us with lots of helpful stuff for Nut.

This stuff included a “Nut” onesie, a “Path” onsie (which is the name that our niece Inez has given the baby), and two Liverpool onesies……cause our baby is going to be both vegan and Scouser from birth!

The cake was an amazing thing of beauty. Topped with sugared cranberries and decorated with little sprigs of rosemary this thing was decadent.

The shower was such fun; getting to see family and friends (one or two surprises who came from long distances) it made a wonderful day and a special occasion to share in the coming of our little Nut. We definitely need to thank Katie’s sisters, Erin and Maureen—they did so much work in getting all the details together that and without them the shower could not have happen.

We are almost at our due date; Nut could show up at any time, which is both super exciting and super scary. In either case, we can’t wait to meet this little one.