LDP Month 2 — February

by nomeatbarefeet

February was…a bit a crazy, to say the least. Lots happened, and no doubt we blew our LDP limit for the month. Our decision was to try and have a few dinners out before Nut showed up. Who knows when we might get another night out together? That meant going to Revolution Kitchen for Valentine’s Day and A Single Pebble on an impromptu night in the ‘big city’ (of Burlington).

Revolution Kitchen Nachos = fried and stuffed with guacamole!

The most amazing Chinese dish in the world: Mock Eel. And the recipe was finally put up online.

Add to these few dinners out a number of spontaneous coffee stops and random food runs, and our budget was thoroughly smashed. Now that Nut (i.e., Hattie!) is here the real challenge of this year’s LDP can begin: will we be able to maintain the parameters we have laid out? Or will we blow through our budget? Can we raise a child according to a minimalist ethos (at least sporadically)? (This sounds like a cliff-hanger ending to a sitcom.) All I can say is we will try the best we can.

Eat Consciously // Live Deliberately