LDP Month 3 — March

by nomeatbarefeet

The end of month three. The end of our first LDP month with the challenge of a baby. Since we can’t really take Hattie anywhere there really wasn’t too much money being spent — we just sat and nested. The money we did spend was primarily on random coffee runs — to and from the grocery store, on outings to see family, on the way to teach. Dostoyevsky once asked “which is better–cheap happiness or exalted sufferings?” Rarely will any of us experience exalted sufferings, so I believe that most of the time it is the cheep happiness, the small pleasures, the run our lives. But then, if we experience so many small pleasures shouldn’t we actually say that rather then being “small” they are massive and enormous? Enormously small pleasures (to paraphrase ee cummings)…that might be it.

One other expense was that Jon preordered Harper Lee’s new novel Go Set A Watchman. Our love of To Kill A Mockingbird no knows bounds, so it is quite fitting that we should pick up Lee’s new novel (which is actually old, as it was written prior to TKAM). There is no need to go into all the speculation and angsty rhetoric surrounding this forthcoming story. Suffice it to say we are excited.

That marks the end of another LDP month. April brings more challenges and chances to continue our deliberate, conscious activities of the LDP. I recently spoke to someone about the process of deliberate living, a process that is simple enough to explain if none too easy to describe the mindset and experience of living it out. There is no failure nor success — not really — jus the continual Sisyphusian act of deliberate, conscious pushing of the rock back up the hill.

Keep trying. Keep living. Consciously & Deliberately.

The seasons go round they
go round and around
said the tulip
dancing among her friends
in their brown bed in the sun
in the April breeze
under a maple canopy
that was also dancing
only with greater motions
casting greater shadows
and the grass
hardly stirring
(excerpt from “April” by Alicia Ostriker)