Three Month Hattie Update

by nomeatbarefeet


Jessum Crow! Has it really been 3 months since Nut Hattie was born??? I really cannot believe that time has gone by that quickly. And yet, here we are in the final week of May and Hattie is no longer a newborn but an infant. 50th percentile in weight but 95th percentile in height!!! She’s gonna be a string bean.IMG_0767

Just wanted to take this post to update you all on parent life. Katie had to go back to work for one month and last week was her first week back. Her mom (Maida) came up to help out because we had not mastered the bottle yet … the Boob to Bottle was a bit rocky so we called in the Special Forces and man oh man were they was Maida helpful! This week is the first time it is just Hattie and myself and so far she has taken 1-2oz each day I have been with her! When Maida was here she got Hattie to take roughly the same (sometimes 3oz!) just about everyday, so I am feeling pretty happy. We figured out what Hattie’s schedule is (as of now — it will surely change soon enough) and got a pretty good idea when to try and give her bottle.

The other “adventure” has been that Hattie had to go into a Pavlik Harness due to hip dysplasia. This basically means that she has to be in her harness 23 hours a day for a month — actually, we are now going onto month 2 because her last ultrasound was not normal. 😦 It has been trying to deal with this — I say “trying” but I feel that the difficulty has really been all on our end. Hattie has handled it all with as much grace as can be expected from a now 3 month old. Changing diapers; swaddling her for sleeping; putting her in the car seat … all of these have been infinitely more difficult due to that damn harness. But, as we both agree, even when things get tough you just can’t get too mad and angry when you look down at that sweet little face. Case in point:

That’s it. Here are a few more images of the past month to tide you over.