Taking a Break

by nomeatbarefeet

The other day I was having a discussion with a coworker about how kids at her school had been asked by an administrator to put down their phones during a graduation ceremony and try to just be there in that moment and experience what was going on so that they could have those memories for themselves.  After hearing her talk about this my first thought was: “I want to take a break from blogging.” “Really?” Another part of my subconscious responded. “Yes. For a while I want to simply Experience rather than Document.”

With that in mind we are going to stop blogging for the next 6 months or so (perhaps with the occasional post). The above discussion aside, the timing of this all not as random as it might seem: we are moving to a new apartment, I have this summer to develop a new course for the fall, and we have Hattie! Apropos of the latter, while I love sharing things about parenting, being vegan, and fun anecdotes that arise I think it might be time for a breather.

We’ll leave you with this picture. Stay well out there in reader land. See you all soon.