A note on making homemade Seitan

by nomeatbarefeet

Slowly over the past few years, and especially in the last few months, the views of our Seitan Roast post have risen. (Hurray!) No doubt the recent spike coincides with Thanksgiving being right around the corner. With that in mind we wanted to write a brief note on some of the tips we have learned on how to make great homemade seitan, as we feel that we have really perfected it since writing our Seitan Roast post.

There are three points we feel are key to making great seitan:

  1. Don’t be afraid of seitan! Making homemade seitan is not that difficult, and it is well work the effort.
  2. Get good wheat gluten — In our experience the best option is to buy wheat gluten in bulk rather than already in a box. We have always had bad results with prepackaged wheat gluten, perhaps cause it has sat unused for a while. Buying from a health food store or a co-op is the best bet; or, if that isn’t an option, buying it online.
  3. If you want chewy seitan then knead the hell out of that gluten dough ball! After you have mixed the dry and wet ingredients knead for at least 5 minutes (if your hands can handle it, 10 is preferable). Then let the dough sit. Drink the beer that you cracked open and haven’t touched cause your hands have been wrist deep in seitan. After the seitan has sat for a bit, go back and knead some more. All this needing to knead (had to make the pun) actives the gluten and causes the seitan to become chewy.

Ok. Thats is. Hope this helps. Perhaps we will return with another seitan post in the future. Till then, enjoy!