Eminem’s daughter HaiIie Jade Scott, often known as Sim Shady, posts photos from her holiday.


Here is how she now appears. The influencer and Eminem’s daughter posted a seductive gallery of photos from her sister’s vacation on Wednesday. The Just a Shady podcast host posted a picture of herself wearing sunglasses to begin the series of images.

She displayed pictures of herself in a pink and green dress with an animal design with pride among other vacation holiday outfits. The podcaster gave a listener a peek at some of the activities the sister engaged in while on vacation, including a video of the hostess dancing.

Scott also showed her spending time with her sister by posting pictures of the two of them drinking beverages on an open-air porch while dressed in cowgirl-inspired attire against a cheery, bright pink party backdrop.

A few days after she celebrated her devotion to her life mate with a lavish roof party, she made her escape. Following a romantic message in February, the long-term pair announced their engagement. She resembles his brilliant father in every way. They appear to have a healthy connection, which is excellent.

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