From huge woman to beauty: the story of Christina Phillips, who lost 240 pounds


Christina Philips is an American girl who had excessive weight and various health problems.

The girl was raised in a family where everyone was yelling at one another. Christina soon became involved with eating and she felt hungry very often. At the age of 12, Christina weighed one hundred and thirty kilograms. The girl was mocked by her classmates.

At 21, the girl weighed as much as 300 pounds. Though she got married nothing changed in her life. And she even began to fatten her husband and as she felt the destructive effect of her one her husband and her health she turned to the famous show “I weighed 300 pounds.”

The program solved the horrible problem of the woman and she soon lost 238 pounds.

But after losing wight her husband began acting very cruelly. He forced her to eat junck food and ate in front of her those delicious food that were forbidden as to her diet.

So they filled their divorce papers as their relationship was toxic. Christina soon found her true love and even had a baby.

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