Rumors of a romance between Zayn Malik and Selena Gomez erupted after they were spotted together on a romantic date.


Nowadays, Selena Gomez is the subject of practically all international media coverage. The problem is that despite having amassed the most following on social media, she keeps pleading with her fans to refrain from bringing up Hailey.

Remember that the fashion model’s followers are still talking about her on her blog, and the model said that they had even started to pay her and her family visits. Fans of the celebrity now have even another topic of conversation. Recently, there was a widely circulated online rumor that she was dating Zayn Malik.

As it turned out, the New York restaurant owner had seen a couple out on a date and had informed a buddy about it. She published the correspondence online. Fans are already actively discussing about the new relationship as a consequence. The same woman supported her claims in an interview.

They arrived at the institution together, she claims, and didn’t really make an effort to hide their affections for one another. No one gave it any thought since this is New York,” The owner of the eatery explained.

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