The fact that Megan attended the Oscars celebration alone and had changed her hair color indicated that she and MGK had divorced.


In February of this year, the actress and MGK’s breakup was reported in the media. The journalists had every right to make such assumptions given that the actress originally removed all images of her partner from her site and afterward penned a whole essay on lying and betrayal.

Some admirers believed the performer had been deceiving them throughout. But she instantly refuted this information. In a message that was updated on her social media page, Fox claimed that no “third parties” were involved in her conflict with her fiancé. Soon later, the pair was spotted close to a facility offering relationship treatment.

Insiders insisted that they are making all effort within their power to salvage the relationship. Fans, however, recently came to the conclusion that they fell short. The issue is that she behaved remarkably alone at the Oscars after-party.

She simultaneously posed for cameras with a fresh look and without a wedding band. Numerous Internet users who talk about the star’s look claim that “it appears that she wanted to dye her hair after the parting.”

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