Kim Kardashian’s 9-year-old daughter created a lavish feast for herself, which confused the fans.


The features become more noticeable in younger age as the years pass. She planned a night of relaxation for her, decorating the space with lots of candles, three back-rest lounge chairs, and white flower petals.

She surprised me this evening so beautifully that I could unwind before the event since the proud mother couldn’t hold her delight. Getting a massage before a big day is such a treat. The celebrity’s fan following, however, did not concur with their sentiments.

They, on the other hand, ridiculed the celebrity daughter’s effort and questioned if such a surprise could possibly be planned. One client said, “A nine-year-old girl could never plan something like this.” Perhaps North is also the name of the assistant? One more is suggested.

Another chuckled, “The main truth here is that the young lady threw a few petals on the floor.” Many have said that she essentially gave her small daughter control of the fire. The family’s supporters argued that she most likely requested the hotel employees to arrange a surprise for her mother, nevertheless. Furthermore, this is not a cause for shame.

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