Meghan Markle has said she will divorce Prince Harry if he doesn’t live up to her expectations.


You don’t have to be a profiler to figure out who is the family head and who is the follower. The Duchess undertakes a range of chores and is always mindful of her needs. He does, though, occasionally adapt to his wife. She warned him she would leave him if he kept their connection a secret.

According to a source, she threatened to get a divorce if you didn’t designate me as your girlfriend in writing. According to a second insider, the prince was filled with grief and kept screaming that his love was leaving him.

A secretary was approached by Harry, who asked for a declaration from him stating that she was his girlfriend. She required outside confirmation that their connection was sincere. She was confident that the palace would not shield her from the media, according to the Daily Mail.

Even though she liked being the center of attention, he claims that she didn’t comprehend the purpose of everyone going out and greeting and conversing with strangers. She at least once reportedly exclaimed, “I can’t believe I’m not getting paid for this,” according to a number of workers.

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