Prince William’s purported mistress has been invited to Charles ll’s coronation: Kate Middleton is not delighted about this.


While some Internet users will be watching the Prince’s interactions with the rest of the royal family at the coronation, others will be focusing on her behavior. Only lately did she learn that her former love, Rose Hanbury, would be attending the affair.

There are been rumors about him having adulterous affairs with this lady over the previous four years. The early speculations in 2019 claimed that Rose and Prince are more than simply buddies.

The prince’s love relationship with his girlfriend is merely a great secret, several British media said at the same time, which was an indirect confirmation of this story. Since then, no additional details regarding the purported romance have come to light.

In light of all this, it is particularly noteworthy that she opposes Rose’s developing closeness to the royal family. So when the Prince infidelity scandal broke in 2019, his wife did everything she could to keep Rose and her husband away from social events. Internet users are therefore keen to learn how the dispute was settled in person.

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