TayIor Swift has already met the mother of her new lover, and she is “crazy in love.”


After parting up with Joe Alwyn, there have been new Internet allegations that Taylor Swift sought comfort in the arms of a Formula 1 driver. The singer, though, reportedly began dating a few months ago, as per recent rumors. The Sun’s sources reported the following things to them: They are an unbreakable couple.

Although their relationship is still young, it already seems serious. According to insiders, Tayor and Matthew tried to date when they first met, many years ago, but nothing came of it. This therefore seems to be another reunion.

Although the break with Joe Alwyn was made public exclusively in April, fans were perplexed by the fact that insiders were talking about “several months.” Because of how quickly their relationship has grown, Swift has already met Healy’s mother. They even claim that the pair truly does want to make their romance public.

Swift, according to him, no longer want to conceal her private life. Fans are keen to find out if this time the experts’ predictions come true. They also really wish that TayIor can find happiness with her beau.

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