Angelina Jolie wants to start her own clothing brand, but there may be substantial obstacles in her way.


In addition to volunteering her time to charities, the actress has made the decision to try her hand at the fashion industry. Because of this, The Sun’s reporters learned that the actress had submitted an application for a trademark under the name Atelier Jolie. Reporters from the Daily Mail are currently anticipating the reactions from celebrity officials.

It is known that she spent more than a year working on the project. The insider said, “She can start moving forward in earnest with her new venture if the trademark registration is approved,” in a press conference. A reliable source claims that the actress’s new business will also make jewelry in addition to apparel.

The actress’s personal sense of style had already established. However, it has been around for more than 10 years and hasn’t been updated since 2018. She supports sustainable fashion, thus this will be the focus of her company, the insider said.

The paparazzi caught the duo together, which led many people to believe that they were dating. The actress and the environmentalist, however, barely spent two hours eating dinner together.

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