Salma Hayek’s elixir of perpetual youth’s top-secret component was made known: The actress stunned her fans.


The actress revealed an innovative technique for getting her skin to look luxurious without using any surgeries. As it turned out, the performer has been using a certain substance for the past 8 years that, in her opinion, causes real paranormal phenomena to occur on the skin.

It found discovered to be a natural substance that originates from a Mexican plant known as “distant relative” mimosa. The actress covered this in the interview she gave to Elle Magazine. She asserts that she began utilizing Tepezcohuite, a substance manufactured from the bark of a fern-like tree native to southern Mexico, in 2015.

Additionally, she claims that because of this miracle treatment, the star no longer needs restorative interventions and maintains a perfect appearance with only creams that contain an unusual ingredient. She also asserts that the bark of this tree benefits both the skin and the hair of the animal.

It’s crucial to remember that the famous actress’ appearance in the just-released movie illustrates how the ‘magic’ cure changed the way her skin looked. What do you think this tale merits? Inform us.

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