When Keanu Reeves embraces his lover passionately in front of the public on the red carpet, everyone is in awe.


Who is this woman with the short hair and white hair, exactly? This week, we witnessed the star and his girlfriend Alexandra go down the ceremonial walkway together. The couple has also worked beautifully together.

He published a collection of poetry titled “Ode to Happiness” in 2011 that also featured images by Grant. The duo started dating after their initial meeting in November 2019. They are no longer together, though. On April 16, the pair attended a red carpet event where they openly displayed their love for one another.

They are a very private couple, yet this year, they have been seen on camera holding hands at a number of public gatherings. The 58-year-old actor seems to have a crush on her. He showed a lot of love on the red carpet.

He gave his wife a passionate embrace, which made everyone either happy or ashamed. because every camera caught a really intense, protracted, passionate hug. The paparazzi proceeded to photograph them despite their actions in public. What do you think, then? Is it merely wonderful and sincere, or is it impolite or inappropriate?

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