It was claimed that Irina Shayk and Leonardo DiCaprio were dating. Fans discuss the supposed celebrity relationship


He split up with model Camila Morrone this past summer. Then, a number of conspiracies stating that the well-known Hollywood bachelor simply rejects partnerships with women above the age of 25 began to circulate online.

Gigi Hadid’s relationship with him was revealed to the media, which for a while put an end to the speculations.

But it wasn’t there. Their bond didn’t seem to develop in any manner. In addition, the lovers are no longer together. He did, however, go to Coachella-2023, a music event that is presently occurring in California. Naturally, the paparazzi focused all of their attention on the famous bachelor.

Consider how shocked Internet people were to learn that he was choosing to hang out with Shayk rather than an other young model. The fact that she and him have been friends for a long time made it possible for them to hang together. Second, she is not his age, which was a hot subject on the Internet before.

Some followers, however, still think that there is more than simply friendship between superstars. Review the compelling stories that were previously published in the news about how he was reunited with his former sweetheart. They did, however, stop talking to us after that.

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