Donald Trump’s rude comments about Princess Diana were followed by the right response from her brother.


It looks that Trump made the decision to make himself more important than the royal family. He recently declared that he will make private letters from well-known celebrities, politicians, and, of course, members of the royal family public.


Among those who wrote to him were Princess and Elizabeth II. In his rather vague words regarding both of them, the former president of the United States highlighted that the princess and Elizabeth had been gracious to him. However he did say something for this that wasn’t nearly censorship.

Ordinarily, when his sister was attacked, Woman Di’s brother would respond right away. Charles Spencer said on his blog, “His most recent words involving my sister really caught me off guard. She just revealed to me that he attempted to use her name to sell property in New York.

She was never happy with him as a result. It’s interesting to note that Trump frequently praised Camilla Parker-Bowles at the same period. Internet users are also persuaded that Trump’s recent words are entirely driven by hatred over the fact that Lady Di never responded. Some accounts claim that when the princess filed for divorce from Prince Charles, he actively pursued her.

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