Gigi Hadid showed up at the occasion in an exquisite Indian-style outfit and practically obscured


We’ve previously talked about how Zendaya went to the event with her beau Tom Holland and stylist Loaw Roch. But, she declined to allow her lover to be photographed with her. Or perhaps he didn’t want to draw attention to her clothes.


The performer did, however, have a rival who came close to surpassing her. Gigi Hadid attended the event wearing a gorgeous gold-weaved sari and sturdy bracelets. The hair was smooth combed and then neatly bunned by the model. Also, she decided to essentially stop wearing cosmetics.

The famous person didn’t seem to want to draw attention away from the amazing clothing. The model’s followers are arguing over which dress was more fashionable in the meantime. Many people enjoy Zendaya’s fashion sense, but Gigi’s admirers are not far behind. The votes were thus spread rather equally.

In any case, I enjoy how Gigi often considers where the event takes place and what is happening there. For example, she can say, “Compared to Zendaya, Gigi’s clothing appears pretty tiresome. Hadid, though, was a superior option in this case, in my opinion. Online admirers praise the celebrities’ attire, saying that Zendaya “fit better into the tone of the event.”

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