Having been saved from an auction, this small cow now resides with 12 dogs and believes herself to be one of them.


A little cow named Moana has been cared after by a rescue group. She is a unique cow since she spends much of her time with the 12 dogs on the farm. Moana was acquired during an auction for animals and delivered to the farm. Even for average calves, she was extremely little.


These cows are also infrequently offered for sale. The buddy bought the toy cow and sent it to the sanctuary. Moana is kept inside the home rather than out on the pasture with the other cows since she is still so young and requires milk.

Moana first noticed the dogs inside the home; they had also been rescued in a separate situation and The most fascinating exchanges included the cow and a dog by the name of Sully. She strikes up a friendship with Moana right on and loves engaging with kids.

After staying in a home with dogs for six weeks, Moana undoubtedly started to think that she was one of the dogs. On bright days, she has lately been taken outside and introduced to another rescued calf. Wolf predicts that Moana will now understand that she is still a cow.

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