Irina Shayk’s daughter is rapidly like her father.


Bryant Cooper Photographers spotted Bradley walking close to his young daughter and tenderly grasping her hand. He never shirks his parenting responsibilities.

Moreover, he is able to plan his workday such that he always covers for her when she goes for business across the globe. He gives his daughter his undivided attention as she attends several fashion shows. Those who viewed the images observed that, despite their prior uncertainty over whose looks the daughter acquired, everyone is now confident.

As she gets older, she resembles her father more and more. He has repeatedly stated that the arrival of a new stage in his life—one that fundamentally changed it but also offered him great happiness—was signaled by becoming a parent.

He even devised a plan for his daughter’s normal interactions with her mother. Also, the former common-law partners have started to get along better, giving admirers the idea that they would reconcile.

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