Kim Kardashian posted a photo without any editing or cosmetics, and her fans complimented her.


The 42-year-old influencer is one of the celebrities whose followers pay careful attention to on social media. The celebrity is also regularly attacked by followers for over-editing her pictures.

The famous person now seems to be betting on appearing natural, though. On her blog, she posted a “honest” photo devoid of cosmetics and effects. The picture was shot when I was at the dentist. She chose a cozy black pullover and a bun for her hair for her visit.

The photograph was so crisp that fans could easily see anything in the celebrity’s skin. They evidently appreciated it as well. Such a “honest” shot is welcome for fans who are used to excessive editing. They started by praising her for her boldness and said that she did not need Photoshop to appear attractive. This image appears to be well-taken and natural.

I appreciate that she places an emphasis on natural beauty and that she says, “Yeah, that’s precisely what normal skin should look like – it’s not wax.” When she is not around, it is much easier to view oneself realistically. Several of them asked her to publish similar pictures as frequently as she could.

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