The dog thanked the girl for saving her earlier in the conversation.


Plum, a four-year-old dog, has never learned how to love or care for others from her owners. On second thinking, his owners decided to leave him in the parking lot of one of the large businesses after refusing to allow him go back home.

Plum made friends with some of the others who had been abandoned on the street. The rescue crew made vain attempts to deliver the animals to their owners. But luck was on his side, and the animal rescue group was able to assist all of the canines.

Shortly after volunteers came and collected the pups, they decided to start seeking for long-term owners. Consider Plum’s kind salutation of his heroine as she expresses gratitude to her for saving her. The volunteers say that the dog is affectionate and friendly, and that he likes to be around people. Plum will almost certainly soon move to New Jersey.

The staff at the shelter will put in a lot of effort to find a home for this puppy because he needs his own place. Plum and his owner met for the right reasons. Giving each other the love they deserve, they ought to be together forever.

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