Triplets who were used to sharing everything and did not want to be apart got married to a man.


A woman was met by the young man online. A communication developed into dates, which then resulted in a marriage proposal. And everything would go on as usual, except that this girl would turn out to be one of the triplet sisters.

As agreed upon, they each went on a date with the beloved man. The ladies have always been close friends and have shared everything equally since they were little. When the subject of marriage came up, it turned out that everyone was in love and eager to be married.

Never did the triplets argue. because they have a tendency to share everything. The three made the decision to marry their ideal match as a result. He found no distinctions between them and admired each one equally. Apparently, not all of the family members agreed with this unorthodox decision. Even the parents of the newlyweds declined to show up for the wedding. As a consequence, this contented family was created.

The sisters are happy that their cherished spouse is right next to them and that they may still live together forever. He enjoys the tranquility and harmony in the family and is showered with three times as much love, concern, and attention.

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