A kitten who has been rescued makes a buddy and wants to stay with them.


An infant kitten was discovered on the streets. She was immediately sent to an animal refuge where she could support herself. Her health was improved by the shelter workers, but she still required specialist care. They got in touch with the shelter and asked for help.


We kept her warm even after she came with us. The small cat’s plight affected the rescue crew, and they were resolved to help him straight immediately. In her home, Milena, a volunteer foster carer for the rescue group, started giving the kitten constant bottle feedings.

Soon after, the cute kitty grabbed for the bottle and smiled at being raised by her owner. He was born with excellent intuition. She was gaining weight all the time. Louie, the kitten, was doing well in her foster home, but she yearned for a playmate and a friend.

A rescued cat becomes a friend and insists on living with it. Louie tried to wander about and just investigate the other cats in her foster home whenever she saw them in an effort to get their attention.

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