This man has been raising his hands in the air for 38 years because he thinks it is the finest way to live.


A hermit monk is referred to as a Sahu in India. This shows that he is dedicated to his own spiritual development and does not rely on others. It’s like an Indian monastic saint. He exhibits his whole, unrestrained faith in God in a very unique way.


An average-aged man made the decision to live with his hands raised for more than 38 years. Why, one would wonder. Find out why he does this in this article, as well as what he gets in return. This little monk made the decision to lead an austere life, becoming a representation of Shiva’s devotion.

Many individuals stand with their hands in the air when they pray because it makes it easier for them to maintain their palms open and receive God’s blessing. He prioritized his faith over his family. He did really pick a spiritual path above his family and his religion. Now 72 years old.

He was inspired by the accounts of spiritualists and holy individuals who abandoned their families and their possessions in order to devote themselves to Shiva. This comes after 38 years of frankness. The joints in his right hand are no longer in good condition.

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