Two special needs daughters were adopted by a kind mother, who showed them all of her love.


At one of the US schools, Jasmine Williams is the most frequent instructor. Despite not having her own family, she has always been quite fond of kids. Jasmine gave adoption a lot of thinking before deciding. She wanted to provide her all mother love to a child who genuinely needed it.


Jasmine’s first adoptive daughter was Manni, who was from India. Manni felt awkward among others and shied away from social settings. Jasmine was able to charm the girl, though. With time, their family also added a child Durra.

Television and social media were the first places where Jasmine and her two adoptive girls’ tale first surfaced. After learning about the girls’ problems, the adjacent hospital’s plastic surgery department offered Jasmine their services. After a surgery, Manni’s forehead is now just left with a tiny line can be seen. Durra would have a treatment when she was older, it was agreed.

The girl was given an aesthetic prosthesis that does not set her apart from her peers, nonetheless, for the time being. The most noticeable difference, though, could have been in the girls’ eyes and joyful smiles. After all, a child’s pleasure is worth everything.

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