Meghan ‘doesn’t want’ Archie and Lilibet to meet King Charles as she blames him for their royal exit, reports are


Whether the royals like it or not, Lilibet and Archie, Harry and Meghan’s children, are now holding the titles of Prince and Princess. These titles have been given to them recently, but they had the right on them following the passing of Queen Elizabeth.

The little ones attracted the attention of many following the release of the Netflix documentary about the Sussexes where photos and videos of Lili and Archie have been featured. Until that moment, their parents didn’t share many details about their children and wanted to keep them out of the spotlight, which was one of the reasons why they split from the British royalty back in the day.

The decision to accept the titles for their children, which are their birth right, wasn’t embraced by everyone.


Royal expert Angela Levin argued that it might have an unwanted impact on Archie and Lilibet’s futures.

“It will take a long time for little Lilibet to realise the extent of the burden her parents have placed on her young shoulders,” Levin told Sky News. She added that by giving their daughter a princess title, Harry and Meghan have now “glued her to the British Royal Family,” the same establishment they have criticized for many years.

“Why on earth would you want your daughter to experience such anguish?” Angela Levin said, adding that Lilibet’s everyday life will be more challenging since she has the princess title attached to her name.”

“Little girls obviously love being a princess at parties, but if Lilibet is the only one in the class who is a real princess, it could lead to jealousy that could easily be avoided,” the royal expert concluded.

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Others believe that Harry and Meghan could benefit financially from their children’s titles.

“You wouldn’t be wrong if you look at this and think about the branding,” Sarah Hewson said. “When they said they wanted to distance themselves from the family, they wanted to have a private life, when Archie was born, I remember vividly being told they wanted him to be Master Archie, now he is Prince, and Lilibet is Princess,” Hewson added.

Another royal expert, palace insider Richard Eden, believes that the timing of the announcement regarding Lili’s and Archie’s royal titles is ‘revenge’ against Charles and Camilla.

“It does strike me as revenge by Harry and Meghan. What we’ve seen is two big developments over the past week. Last week it emerged that they’re being evicted from their only British home, which they described as their forever home at Frogmore Cottage,” Eden said.

“Then we also learnt that Camilla’s grandchildren were going to have roles at the coronation. Both things I think will have upset Harry and Meghan. They’ll be thinking, ‘What can we do to have our revenge?’ and that’s making sure that their children can have these two titles.”

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When it comes to the relationship between the Sussexes and the rest of the royalty, it’s still a rocky one.

Many expect the coronation to be a reason for them to try and mend things between them, but so far, it is unknown whether they will attend it. Rumors are that Harry will be there to support his father while Meghan and the kids will stay in California.

According to reports, Harry and Meghan have been invited, but their children’s names weren’t on the invitation because they are too young to attend the event. However, now that Lili and Archie hold royal titles, Meghan believes that they have the right to be there as much as their cousins, George, Charlotte, and Louis, sources claim.

“More than likely, Meghan will be the one to decide that they will offer an olive branch,” psychotherapist Eduardo Omeltech told Express.

“But at the moment, she doesn’t want the children to see their grandfather, as she feels he is to blame for them having to leave the Royal Family. It will probably be a decision that she makes quite quickly and spontaneously, but once she has made that decision, Harry will go along with what she wants,” he added.

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Since the coronation is expected to take place on the day of Archie’s birthday, Harry and Meghan allegedly asked their son’s birthday to be recognized.

“Archie’s birthday falls on May 6, coronation day, and the Sussexes want the family to recognise that,” a source told OK!.

“The Sussexes have asked for some kind of celebration or acknowledgement to be factored into the day’s plans to ensure that his fourth birthday won’t get lost during the momentous day.”

According to the Mirror, Harry and Meghan have asked to be included on the balcony after the coronation procession back to the Palace in case they attend the event. They were also said to have asked to stay at Frogmore Castle, their former home they got evicted from by King Charles.

“Harry’s concerns over security, which will not be helped by his revelations about the number of Taliban insurgents he personally killed, may also be a factor as he has a case pending against the Home Office on this issue,” royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams told the Daily Mail.

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