Plus-size or ideal body type: It is known what size Marilyn wore in real life.


The sight of Marilyn still shocks the audience’s minds. Many people are still unclear, though, whether the actress would meet modern beauty standards. Understanding this requires knowing Monroe’s true size.

Her acting career was brief since Monroe departed away at the age of just 36. There is still a lot of study being done on the issue that many people are interested in—what size did the main female wear.

In reality, there was misunderstanding since the dimensional grids utilized in the 1950s and now are very different. For instance, a modern model’s “zero” size is comparable to a size 10 by the previous norm. Naturally, as the actress grew older, her weight fluctuated a little.

For instance, the pathologist’s report lists the same weight, 53 kilos. Today, most scholars of Monroe concur that she resembled a modern woman in terms of size. She wasn’t over size, but neither was she too slender. Let’s all agree on this. Simply put, she was stunningly beautiful. What do you think this tale merits?

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