Selena Gomez addressed criticism and explained how and why she put on weight.


It’s no secret that she’s been working on other things lately. She has been progressively putting music behind her. She is therefore highly enthusiastic about social activities that benefit her mental health. Celebrities also started to appear in an increasing number of films and TV series.


When I stop using these meds, my state gradually returns to normal, she said. I just wanted to express this and show support to anyone who has weight-related issues. Remember that no one has the authority to judge you since only you are aware of your own history, the famous person said.

She does not attempt to hide the fact that these remarks are detrimental to her mental health. She also believes that right now, her body’s condition is more important than anything else.

We all occasionally have these kinds of days. My physical well-being and health would take precedence. The well-known person also said that she “never was and will never be a model” and that “I know that these drugs assist me,” which is the most essential thing, were further statements she made.

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