This dog was discovered with a letter on his collar and fastened to a tree.


The dog was found tied to a tree limb and all by himself. He was wearing a collar around his neck that was inscribed with a message from his previous owner explaining why he had committed such a horrific act. Roadie was one of the litter’s 10 puppies.


According to the person, a smart dog understands all the commands, enjoys playing, chewing toys, and, shockingly, destroys them if they squeak. He also claimed to have neutered, vaccinated, and treated a cat for parasites.

The proprietor of Roadie lost his job and subsequently his home due to the coronavirus pandemic. The owner was no longer able to manage his pet. In a letter, he said he had previously treated Roadie to steaks, chicken, and lamb. There was even a dog bed and a memory foam mattress!

Nevertheless, all of this splendor is no longer accessible. The man asked the Roadie finder to assist him in finding a new residence in his letter. When they shared a picture of a dog on their Facebook page with comments from his owner, workers at the shelter attracted a lot of attention.

The day after the article was published, the sanctuary began receiving inquiries from people looking to adopt the dog. Without further ado, the dog’s new family will accept him.

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