Baby of three months singing ‘Twinkle, twinkle, little star’. This video will give you a good mood for the rest of the day


By three and a half months, your baby will start to demonstrate whether he or she prefers to be alone or engage in social interactions.

They are unable to predict whether he will develop into an introvert or an extrovert as an adult.

While some babies like to be alone or with only a small group of people, others want to be surrounded by people.

Your 14-week-old baby will pick up a lot from his surroundings, and as his brain processes the data, it will make sense of it all.

He will now get much more interested in some other features of the house and want to look about the entire house.

Your child’s neck muscles and upper body strength will both be developed to a sufficient degree. He might be able to look around for extended periods of time while keeping his neck upright.



Fly around the home humming and making airy noises while holding your infant on your shoulder.

The experience of traveling backwards can produce a great riot and make him grin and giggle if he holds in such a way that he glances back.

You can hold your baby while stacking him on top of a gym ball or big beach ball if you’re into exercise.

The baby should then be allowed to squirm and move slightly in each direction while you softly roll the ball in various directions.

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