Firefighters pulled eight pups from the sewage, however they were not puppies at all.


A call was received by the fire department, which was commanded by Brian Vaughan. The caller stated that there are eight pups trapped in the storm drain, and that he is unable to free them on his own; thus, assistance is required, or the children would perish. The black Labrador cubs were visible to the man, and they were most likely dumped in the gutter by uncaring owners.

The fire department responded quickly to the call and arrived on the site. The pups were delivered after 20 minutes. Fortunately, no one was injured, and everyone was unharmed.

The only thing that disturbed the rescuers was the fact that they didn’t seem like dog cubs at all.

The “puppies” were sent to an animal rescue group in the Pikes Peak area. It was discovered that they were newborn foxes after a veterinary inspection.

Foxes are widespread in their region, according to Travis Sauder, director of Colorado Park and Wildlife. And they frequently seek unsuitable shelters for the creation of offspring, such as sewage manholes.

Following consultation, the specialists decide to return the “found” and await the mother’s return. They’ll be sent to a wildlife rehabilitation center if she doesn’t.

Here’s a little video of the rescue mission.

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