Mom Took Her Twins for a Photo Shoot – Wait Till You See the Results!


Babies are bundles of joy. They not only bring happiness to their family, but also to everyone around them. When the baby is finally born, parents try and capture that moment in order to remember it forever.

Thanks to the abundance of smartphones, it has become an easy task lately. Some of us even hire photographers for the baby’s first photoshoot. And that is exactly what these parents did.



The video below features a series of photos that is sure to melt your heart. Award-winning Orange County photographer, Ana Brandt, shows us the behind the scenes action of a newborn baby photoshoot. The stars of the video are a set of adorable twins, Ian and Tara. I am sure their parents are going to hold onto these gorgeous pictures forever!

Watch the cute little video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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