The woman who rescued a cat learns that it is not the animal she thought it was.


While on her way to meet up with friends, the lady noticed a cat out of nowhere. The little cat was terrified. He was obviously in need of help. She picked him up and drove him back to her place.

Going out would be a bad idea because the lady has a huge dog and an adult feline at home. So she made him a cozy area in the garage, replete with food and water dishes.

When she returned after two or three hours, she took the cat to her house, moved her pets to a separate room, washed him, and put him to bed with her.

But then something unexpected happened.

‘A neighbor rushed up to me,’ recalls the lady. ‘May I examine the cat?’ he inquired. I reasoned, ‘It may very well be a lynx.’ And it is correct.

His tail was unattached. It had a little white mark on it and was pointed.

The cat also began to growl… and snarl a little. That was most certainly a lynx,’ I realized. On Facebook, the lady commented, ‘Never mind, apparently I saved a lynx.’

The following day, the lady donated the animal to an animal care group.

The lynx required a few days of intensive care, but he is now in good condition. When everything is in order, he will be released into nature.

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