Three days after leaving the house, the cat returned with a note claiming that he is now in debt.


Owners were worried and spent three days looking for their pet cat. The cat eventually returned on his own. It turned out that the fear was justified when Cat appeared with a note saying that he had paid back obligations.

This story was told to the media by the cat’s owner.

In three days, the man claimed, no one had contacted him despite his travels across the area and widespread placement of missing cat posters.

Cat ultimately made it to the entrance of the house, where the owner found him. The animal seemed content. He was wearing a piece of paper around his collar.

I gave this cat three mackerels while he continued to gaze at the fish in my stand, the sign said.

The man naturally phoned the specified number. The cat ultimately spent all three days in the nearby market, where a salesperson fed him.

“Cats are the same as kids.” The debtor’s owner made a joke to the media about how they accumulate debt, leave, and then come back.

Of course, the man received payment from the woman for the fish. All obligations must be repaid in the end.

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