11-year-old girl sings “Can’t help but fall in love” by Elvis Presley


In recent months, a girl named Georgia has once again demonstrated her singing talent in the grand finale of the show “Children’s Voice”, which is open only to children under 14 years old.

She introduced himself to the judges and spectators, performing the first hit of the legendary singer Elvis Presley.



The girl’s singing performance has already become a real success on the network – at the moment this video has gained more than 700,000 views on YouTube alone, and many music lovers are delighted with the girl’s talent.

Georgia starred in Can’t Help Falling in Love at the end of The Voice Children, introduced to the world in 1961 by Elvis Presley. She impressed all the judges of the show with her voice and performance.

Check out the amazing song number from the children’s show The Voice Kids, where the talented Georgia Elvis Presley performed the hit “Can’t Help You Fall in Love” for the first time.

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