A guy sees a dog standing by itself at a gas station and believes it is lost, but the dog’s collar tag says otherwise.


He thought the dog was missing when he saw it standing by itself at a gas station. The dog simply likes to hang out, according to the tag on his collar. The dog’s owners set up a page for him after the post with his pictures went viral and received 307 thousand likes. When Tyler arrived at the gas station, he saw a dog.

When the guy saw the words on the dog’s medallion, he realized everything was in order with the animal. Initially, the man had thought the dog was missing. Dew is my name, hello.

No, I am not lost. I like having adventures. Tell me to leave this place, please. This information and pictures of the dog were tweeted. Both of them became Internet celebrities as a result of the tweet’s success. came up to me while I was filling the tank with petrol.

Simply said, the dog likes to go on adventures. The dog’s owners even set up a Facebook account for him to post about his adventures. The dog likes playing with his owners and siblings and is comfortable living on the farm.

The family makes sure the dog is healthy and that its collar contains a GPS sensor that tracks its whereabouts in addition to a witty inscription.

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