Dad lets his 3-yr-old daughter pick her own outfit for class picture day


Children are unique. Most of them know exactly what they want even from early age. Their parents picking their outfits for them for school or social gatherings is just unacceptable for some kids who know what suits them best. Well, even if that means wearing mismatching clothes, or outfits not really “acceptable” to be worn in public.

It was going to be a ‘picture day’ at school and Kaylieann Steinbach’s parents carefully chose her outfit for the day. This pictures are forever so they made sure their little princess resembles exactly that, a cute little princess dressed in girly colors. And well, it was all fun and games for the parents until Kaylieann got to see her daddy and mommy’s pick. Pretty disappointing, to say the least. It was a huge no, no for this little fashionista.



Why not wear the outfit of someone she really loves the most. The greatest superheros of all time, “Pooterman” and “Pootergirl.” If you wonder who those are, it’s how lovely Kaylieann calls Superman and Supergirl because unfortunately, she is experiencing hearing loss and can’t hear the letter ‘S.’

She already had her decision made, it was either Supergirl or nothing. Her parents were a bit hesitant letting their girl wearing a costume to school, but they knew it was going to be fun.




Needless to say, they were right. Their girl was in the limelight that day and showed everyone that being different can be great. She posed for her picture with a doll of Superman in her hands.

She does wear costume outfits to school every now and then, when she feels like wearing them, and her teachers and classmates are always looking forward to see her next choice.

The story of this very special picture day went viral once Austin posted Kaylieann’s photo on Reddit. Many people wrote how he and his wife nailed at parenting.


Kaylieann, you indeed are a superhero of your own. Many people should follow this girl’s example and don’t be afraid to show their true selves.

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