Preschool Girl Performs Own Choreography During Recital


We all know someone out there that dances to the beat of their very own drum. We love them and appreciate them for being themselves even if they don’t always follow the social norms all the time. If we all colored inside the lines, life wouldn’t be nearly as interesting as it is. There are many people who show their differences even from a very young age. The young girl in this video is a great example. When we see her dancing, it is sure to make us smile.



All the preschoolers got all lined up, ready to dance. It was a pretty adorable sight to see. Like many other recitals that feature younger children, there can be a lot of anticipation to see how cute it is going to be. No one expected quite what they saw. One little girl had her heart set on sticking to her own dance routine. She was having so much fun on stage that she just couldn’t stick to the choreography she was given in practice. No one seemed to mind though. It made the dance recital that much more fun to watch. When a child very clearly has their own personality, it is a joy to watch. Of course we want the kids to listen and follow rules, but sometimes rules aren’t always needed to be followed.



In this video, this girl follows her own rules and does her own dancing. Right off the bat, she is dancing and doing her own thing and it is amazing to watch.

We are lucky this moment was caught on video and the whole world can enjoy it like we do. Her parents are probably very proud of their daughter for having the courage to get up there and do her own thing. This video has now gone viral and everyone seems to be loving it just as much as we do. Please SHARE this with your friends and family

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