The dedicated cat drives the kids to school each day and even attempts to accompany them inside.


Iveta, a mother of two, adopted Launa from the shelter two years ago. The cat settled in with the family right away and developed a particular relationship with the boy and girl. The kids spent a lot of time at home. She went around with them and walked the kids.

Iveta went to school each day so she could get free lunches even though the kids were homeschooled. Launa stayed with the kids even after they started attending school full-time again. Launa made the choice to enroll in school one day.

She entered the building stealthily after the students, but she was swiftly found. Iveta was taken aback by the cat’s boldness and repeatedly apologized to the teacher. When Iveta hurried to the school, Launa was waiting at the main doors and attempting to enter as if she were awaiting the proper moment.

The cat, however, pretended nothing had occurred when she spotted Iveta. Only by feeding the cat were they able to bring it inside safely. We are confident that the cat will attempt again, so don’t give up. How do you feel?

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