Tiny Girl Shows Off Her Big Moves to ‘Uptown Funk’ and Gets Millions of Views


“Uptown Funk” is a smash hit single by British musician Mark Ronson and American singer-songwriter Bruno Mars, released in 2014. The song quickly became a worldwide sensation, topping charts in multiple countries and earning critical acclaim for its catchy groove, retro funk sound, and energetic vocals.

The song’s upbeat tempo, infectious melody, and witty lyrics make it an instant party favorite that has been played at weddings, dance parties, and sporting events around the world. And, it seems, it’s become quite the dance tune for little ones.



This video of a tiny toddler dancing to “Uptown Funk” went viral on the internet after it was posted, gaining upwards of 1.7 million view. People loved this video and have showered lots of love to this baby for all the good reasons–mainly because she can move to the song! She even adorably giggles and turns her body around as she really seems to be enjoying both the tune and the performance.

This one is pure fun, enjoy it. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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